About… Me

The blood flows heating my face, and a tingle rises up my spine as I watch four men collide into each other. No, this is not the scene as I’m walking into a bar. This was my excitement watching the 49’ers and Ravens Wednesday night. Aka the Harbaugh Bowl preseason edition.

Thrilling doesn’t nearly reveal the fierce explosiveness on every down in football. Eleven men on each side of the ball. An offensive player trying to shred off a linebacker or DE. Can the QB make his three step drop in the pocket… to complete a pass to his Z receiver, in double coverage? Oh.my.god this is…football!

The ball of foot is my second language, barring it’s American. Raise your high brow to know, I was raised on the beautiful game. I had to sneak to watch NFL and college football games away from an all-woman household.

Plus I really didn’t find it amusing when my miles of legs became entwined, as I attempted to channel my inner Mia Hamm, trying out for my junior high team, chasing that ratcheted black and white thing around the field.

Prissy may be a good adjective when you take in 5’9″ of me. Red soled shoes, long tresses and a maintained physique, donโ€™t scream meet me at the sports bar to down a couple of cold ones.

I may appear native to my prestigious zip code, however don’t allow looks to deceive. Maybe it comes from not being able to associate with any certain group. I am no one’s particular woman, yet I represent most.

The only time I get cranky is if I’m not properly watered and fed. And possibly if the Jets lose, however losing is what most fans of Gang Green have come to expect.

I’ll gladly stand toe-to-toe with anyone, and wildly explain why Dan Marino is the best QB to have played, besides Peyton Manning. Explain and diagram the main defensive formations, done. What’s in your box? Quite a dime, no?

Well well what’s my favorite position? Now you’re getting right to the point… tight end. There’s nothing like a good tight end. View a little clip of Ozzie newsome. He could catch – catch it Ozzie one more time! And he could block. The most versitile position in the game, yet many offenses overlook, or under utilize this hybrid position. Two tight end set? Yawn…

To some my blog may be brash. No one is forcing your pretty eyes and brain to read this. Go on with your life, we will both be fine. Thank you for stopping by, kiss kiss.

For the others amused and curious whatโ€™s next, may my words entice you to want more.





Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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