Flirting With a Loss

Flirting, coquetry, the fine art of attraction. A few things I may know a thing or two about.

I adore flirting. It keeps me on my toes, lets me know when I can work on something, or when I’m doing something right… which usually leads to doing someone something very right *wink*

Like any purveyor of attraction, these types prefer to push their boundaries…

I’ll never forget the first time I met Coach Carroll (Uncle Pete). The man is a natural-born charmer.


I’ll tell you a secret, I was a little nervous, but not immune to being the only woman in a huddle of men, in my Gucci wedges.

I walked up to Uncle Pete and said, “Coach Carroll, pleasure to meet you”, and extended my hand.

The charmer took over. I felt like we were the only two people on the practice field, on that balmy Southern California day in late April.

We exchanged a few familiar names, said he appreciated the support, he likely winked at some point, and posed for a couple pics.

The time was P.S. (pre-selfie)

Uncle Pete has a habit of pushing. Remember that Bush Push? Big Balls Pete during many dangerous 4th, and whatever situations, that resulted in the USC band pumping out another “Fight On for old SC”, and Lineart riding traveler? Ooh that was from my dream last night… you caught me.

PTI for a moment, shame on you NCAA for not allowing this face, this one, and this to not be the face of Trojan. They already are, so why not promote the guys going into battle fully protected, and avoid this situation.

May that be a public service announcement to every athlete, red-blooded male, etc…

Sometimes the same bold moves pull a reverse.

Over 100 million people witnessed this the night of the Big Game. Uncle Pete was letting his cagones swing a little too freely.

My mind was blown.Β petecarrollmemeblindside

To any ANY casual fan, and little darlings of football 101, let this honey teach you something, you would never EVER pass in this situation! NEVER! 2nd and goal! Why? For the love of (insert here)…?!

This situational play, is like the guy staring down the beauty languidly walking by him. He doesn’t think she is aware he is looking, and when her gaze meets his, well the silly fool, he hits into a pole, wall, door, or his chair falls over


Let me tease you for a minute, and don’t act like you don’t want me to. What if I told you Uncle Petey has the biggest of them all?

1) He stuck with the game plan. In football, and this lovely life of ours, sometimes one has to adjust. Other times, just stick to the game plan. (Like the time Al Pacino tells that to Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday? Sorry loves can’t find the clip

2) THIS similar situation presented itself against the Packers in the NFC divisional championship, and it won! So if it worked against the Packers, why wouldn’t the coaches look at each other and say puff, puff pass?

As a devotee to the game, this may have been the best SB ever.

belichick lets party

Cheers to you football gods. This glass is on you.



Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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