Bye Bye Belly

Flash of skin, midriff, tight tummy, abs, crop top… A few sexy words that make me cringe when I read, or hear them associated with football.

Although, on occasion viewing this little piece of exposure leads my mind to wonder about how much I enjoy sacks, pounding it up the middle, hammering the QB, or wanting the D… To pick off the ball and score in my the end zone. 

This is a sport involving a pigskin, played on a gridiron. Not a description of the swimsuit edition of SI. Keep the pillow talk where it should be… Between the pillows of course.

I complated a victory lap when I heard the news yesterday. I instead chose to whisper ‘yes!’ under my breath. 

Finally, the NCAA does something right -cue my exaggerated eye roll, similar to when I overheard a silly fool declare he owns oceanfront property…in Arizona. 

I no longer need to see any of the images below. Thank the football gods the chamber in Indy could come to an agreement, not involving cream cheese, or a mascot

In memory of the now prohibited naughty bare stomach, I’ve complied a commensurate collage. 

Cheers NCAA, glad you’re concerned with the serious issues. My glass is half full. 


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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