Is There A Draft In Here?

Draft, Smaft, Shaft… Someone will be getting it.

Let me yaaaawwwwnnnn while my eyes roll discussing the Draaaffft.  Such a bore.
In case you didn’t hear, it’s in Chicago again next year.

Yes honey, tell me again why Mariota is better than Winston, or vice versa. Let’s see how they fare during the season, then we can revisit this convo.

There’s nothing like a bunch of meaty men in a room, working up a good sweat, and they aren’t even dashing the 40. Boiler room, bold trades, making moves, creating the future of the league.

Love you men dearly, but nothing like monetizing a lot of nothing.

I remember soooo long ago -five years- when the draft was a weekend feast. I would make myself a little bite of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, eggs and my daily bread, plopping in front of the TV for hours on a Saturday, well into sunday, watching the constant countdown.

Usually this debauchery occurred when my brain needed to fill with knowledge for my finals. Silly professors, at least I passed my sports economics class with an A… Minus

Don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment boys. All the stats show, just like the intensity of a quickie, allow the first rendezvous prove worthy.

Manziel was like that blonde at the end bar. Really hot and fun to be with. Then you realized she has a drinking problem, a slight issue with the plastic, and the enjoys the Miami candy of choice.

The real long term commitments take place in the 3rd through 5th, dates or 7th rounds.
For every Peyton Manning, and Troy Polamalu and Haloti Ngata, there are more talents of Tom Brady, Eric Weddle and Brett Keisel, among others.

The only thing I’ll miss is the annual ritual at Radio City. The chorus of booooooos from my fellow Jets fans.




Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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