The Most Wonderful Time… Of the Year

Oh yes! Yes!! That’s exactly what I (she) said Thursday night.


I was such a good girl. I waited so patiently, and allowed 32 weeks to pass for this moment, and This past Thursday darlings it arrived.
I could not express my sheer excitement more than when I took in, for my viewing pleasure, the Michigan / Utah game. What a delight with two glasses of Oban 14, sitting on the outside patio, perched above my neighborhood. C’est la vie

Harbsy was a little disappointing. Not only in his lackluster debut, but where was the throwing of the coaches card? The whistle? Glasses, really? Ok grandpa Harbs…

Good to assume this is what it means to be a Michigan Man -yawn – just like the rest of you Big10 football, minus tOSU. Hint, you’re not exciting.


Now I had the misfortune of watching what I hope to be the last dreadful game of the season. Boise State vs Washington.


Please dear college football gods, do not allow that to happen again.

I can’t decide which QB was worse, Michigan’s or Washington’s. Coaches note, my eyes were loving the interceptions, Exciting! – aka fire your OC pronto.

What about those Stormin’ Mormons…?! What’s in the water in Provo? Ice ice baby

I feel I speak on behalf of the rest of the nation when I say, Oh holy Joseph Smith!

This is why I love football. Last-second-you-never-know-what-could-happen-play

Could BYU pretty please matchup against USC in a bowl game? I want scream for the Trojan(s) D to cover that Magnum… Cover himย up! Ooh… Mangum my Freudian slip.

ASU looked like a hot mess, instead of the smoke show they promised to be… Oops?

Count me out on Stanford. Chryst, why wasn’t he in the game?!

There was no badgering Alabama. The Tide just poured right over those pesky Badgers.

The Hokies almost played a hooky… Lol almost. tOSU wouldn’t allow that silly trick play to be pulled on their hopeful don’t-call-it-a-repeat season.

What am I looking forward to this season? A few things:

L-LES-U eating and sniffing grass

Grandpa Spurrier dragging thingsย ย 

Harbsy eventually going on a post-game tirade,

Urban Meyer deciding to have heart failure at a critical time,

Bielema getting borderline Erotic,

Just to name a few…

Who do I think will make it to the playoffs? Let’s take this slow… Don’t get so involved already darling. Let this relationship season play out. Time will tell, week uno is always a just a taste of the fruit…

More juice to come.

Also this is a National Service Announcement to all men, I’m busy all day Saturday, from now until January 1st. Besides my dates with gym, it’s just me, my glass of fine scotchy, the inches of goodness in front of my eyes, and maybe not too much clothing. Yes, lace and satin are always involved.

My weekends in Palo Alto, Knoxville, Boston, the Coliseum, and Miami will also not be good.

Call me after January 1st… or better Valentines Day, the weekend after the Super Bowl.


xx|oo FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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