I’m So Glad We’re Acquainted

“Football, competition and winning” – Harbsy

Some Came, Some Saw, Some conquered and some really came…over the top.

I may  have caused a little scene in a lounge Saturday evening, as I began yelling at three screens ~8:54 PM PST, “please don’t stop, I don’t want you to stop! please don’t make it stop!” oops…

I swear my whiskey doesn’t need a mixer, although my dear beautiful friend would beg to differ.

I was high on the week three CFB schedule, that melted the night well into the morning Sunday…  EST that is.

I waited and sweated out that afternoon, all for five unforgettable — technically three hours — of a little Trojan mishandling that would make anyone lose their mind.

If Sark wants to call someone let it be me. This honey can do more than what happened a year ago. Advice, Keep it tight, put more in the box, and always pass it over the top, channeling your inner Juju.

What a night.

Ole miss pulled one ‘ole upset

The Tigers Fournette-ing all the way into the end zone

Miami rocked the huskers like a hurricane

My dear Magnum, oops I mean Mangum, looked a little soft in his last-second play. He’s shown how hard he can drill the right spot. Two times he had me screaming, Meow! The third time wasn’t a charm, as he missed it tonight. Such a disappointment. BYU I know better, I need to stop fantasizing you could be more…



xx|oo FFF



Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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