It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Playoffs

My oh my dear hearts!

Shame on me for lacking in my promise to you. Although, I don’t usually make promises, so there’s nothing to apologize for. 79gKCwl50jhaXiXC7-8u8haRp8rq4L1xYI2K1CajfQ8

This kitty has been busy.

What a season we have been served up. Yummmmmy

Like the delicious meal on Thanksgiving, and my mind whispered I needed more, this has been such de-lic-ious-ness. Let me lick every finger… very, very slowly. mmmmmmmm

My fantasies are fantastic, but dear hearts I couldn’t have ooh’d and ahh’d any more to what we are witnessing.

Thank you college football gods. #grateful

Mutiny of epic proportions is reigning over us, especially after the final decision of those lucky duckies Sparty’s that made the final four cut. Almost every top ten team, minus two has ONE LOSS.

Why fight what you want? Surrender and enjoy the pleasure. 

Cheers. Salud. Cin Cin – let me pour myself another neat

What have I been up to you may wonder?

Settle in darling, I’ve been taking in much of the great game, and gracing a few stadiums with my presence.

First things first, I’ve deemed the PAC 12 is the new SEX SEC. Everyone keeps pounding each other to gain control.

Stanford thought they had it, and oopsie Oregon found a way to make it rain in PA. Utah looked lifeless. The battle of LA determined the southern champ. That’s the excitement I crave dear hearts.

Don’t call it a comeback – could #tobc (the old ball coach) give me just one more little thing to add to my torrid love affair with his visor-wearing mug?

THIS is a man. One who stands for what he believes. You know what that takes?


Praise the man who knows when to walk away. Spurrier will return -flaming bright red temper-flaring-visor-wearing-headset-tripping-scowled-face in all his glory.

He’ll be throwing it down and stomping out on a pee-wee football game soon. Don’t worry, ESPN will find a way to be there when it happens.


Oh State…Quite the team you are. I love excitement, and dear Spartans you have given it all you’ve got, to make me scream in pure delight until the last second. Mmmm

Iowa… you’re too conservative, and such a bore in my eyes. The only positive the turkeys have is the lusty uniporn they displayed. That I had to lick my lips over.

The turkeys never convinced me they had what it takes to make it (yes, I said that) and were really worth their playoff spot.

They definitely didn’t hit the right spot for me. 

Clemson… I’m still not convinced El Tigres. As someone who enjoys a tiger -rawr- tell me something nice… Like you actually won over a top ten team. Then I’ll be maybe get a slight tingle, as you’re touching and feeling that rock on the way to victory.

Boomer sooner… Not so fast dear heart. Mayfield is channeling his inner Boz. Yes I’m aware silly, Bozzy was a LB & Mayfield is a QB. Both share a B for boy. I tease.

I’m impressed more and more as I watch him take control. Generally that also means he has solid protection.

Control? Protection? I want more… I’m talking about a QB and a solid O-line of course…

Unfortunately for me, the tears didn’t roll in Tuscaloosa. I think the big ego’d 5’9” of a man (I’m feeling generous to give him an extra inch. Tis the season, even though he’s likely not quite that… tall) in Tuscaloosa may have a hard time not accepting defeat. 

Since my Christmas arrived early, image
this is my Holiday Prezzy to you. It’s for the really
naughty good boys.

Coal is far too dirty, and I just painted my nails.

 x|o FFF 



Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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