Ooh You Little Horny… Frog?

Was this a conversation before the TCU / Oregon Alamo Bowl, or does my scotch need a ice cube or two?

Violet Beauregarde aka TCU Coach Gary Patterson: [hugs Willy Wonka aka Oregon Chairman, Phil Knight] Mr Knight, I’m Coach Gary Patterson.

Willy Wonka aka Phil Knight:  [freaked out] Oh. I don’t care.

Violet Beauregarde / Coach PatteronWell, you should care. Because I’m the coach who’s gonna win the special prize at the end.

Willy Wonka / Phil Knight: Well, you do seem confident and confidence is key.

After the best bowl comeback in Bowl history, I believe that happened. I was slightly concerned I’d have to dilute my fine glass of neat.

Yippe Ki Yay dear hearts! 2016 is not disappointing me only two days in.

College Football playoffs, I like how you make me scream!

Back to TCU / Oregon… I turned it off. Felt it was too much to bare and silly little me, sometimes you just have to change what you’re wearing to make things happen.

31-0 point comeback, yes!  XXX Overtime, YES!

“The purple shirt works.” Or that’s what Coach P said in his post game interview.

Hmm, that’s up for debate. #winning, check. Nothing else Coach P. Purple is not exactly your color. Bless your wifey for allowing you into the home with that silly thing on. I’d be willing to say she doesn’t…

Did anyone else notice the Matthew McConaughey look-a-like running around on the TCU sideline acting like a coordinator? Does someone need to tell him TCU is one of the ‘other’ college teams in Texas? Is this for his next movie? Or is he sneaking plays back to Texas? Suspect…

Oooooooooooooo …. Poor Uncle Phil…


He looked like his net worth crumbled to $1 Billion.

It’s ok darling, pump out a little more uni-porn for me and the boys next season, nail a top 10 recruiting class, and you will be able to wipe those tears with the recently minted 100 bill tissue. 

Stanford… I was way off.

So you’re saying Iowa had a chance? Their QB was Beathard… Don’t act like you didn’t giggle too.


What did I say earlier about the turkeys? They had a solid week of uni-porn.

That was it.

Not a dark turkey horse. Loosing a game scoreless takes talent, or rather, not so much talent.

I even made the comment once the ball was run up the middle, for the fortieth time in the first quarter, “why don’t they pass?” 

I asked… and I received… An interception!

Oh, Stanford… You really are a unicorn


Brains + Braun = cheers

xx|oo FFF



Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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