The Heat Was On

*In memory the late great Glenn Frey9ff7e961c8ec411c5d8a5a1dcbeeb12f

See that hole right there? Right there?? 

You were supposed to drill it with your Tight End!

It’s not the first, or likely not the last time, this femme has muttered those words.

Unfortunately that tight end kept cramping upSilly boys, those tricks were not for the kids.

The Broncos really gave Tommy Boy the D. Personally as one who loves sacks, watching Tommy getting pounded from every angle was pure bliss. 

A Jets fan such as myself, relishes in these rare moments. 

I was taking in every precious hobble, missed pass to Gronky, and naughty word flying out of Tommy’s mouth. he didn’t shed one tear #manly


Denver’s pass rush wouldn’t let up. Wolfing up Tommy (pun intended) is what Miller and Co did all game. 

Billy B didn’t disappoint making his bold moves. Houston’s sloppy seconds made him do it. Just like Nicholson said, “I think of a man. Then I take away all reason and accountability.”

Perfectly describes why after missing a critical PAT, kicking a FG instead of running it in, would have helped the Pattie Pats 1) win the game or 2) tie it, moving into overtime, instead of losing by 2 points.

My spirit animal, the Panthers, made Palmer look his age. In the words of Champagne Papi + Future, Them boys up to something, they just not just bluffing, woo

Fifty Shades of Super Bowl is looking dreamy dear hearts. I can’t wait to watch the showdown of Newton vs Denver’s D.


x|o FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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