A Man Named Cam

Full disclosure, this is NOT a blog that’s going to type away how dreamy Cammy is.

How those tight pants make me melt, or how he could do a celebration dance on me… All night long.

No, not that honey

If you’re looking for that, stop reading.

Moving on…
Cam Newton is a force dear hearts, and this honey is about to preach.

Let’s just take a glance at the man’s stats. I like to say numbers don’t lie, since they may be the only thing that can’t hide the truth.

He’s an ordinary disrupter.

He makes people feel uncomfortable.

Keep in mind, he’s not beating women, not appearing on the nightly rap sheet, or punching teammates.

And as Colin Cowherd liked to mention last week, he’s only improved. Especially after his contract extension. Yes, take that in for a moment.

His misdirection plays, all-time records for rushing yards, stature, and celebrations, make fans feel uncomfortable.

He doesn’t shy away from race either. As Kanye said, Racism’s still alive, they just be concealin’ it
He’s not the average.
I don’t like average. I’m not average.
I don’t do status quo.
Neither does Cammy.

And he’s having fun! What’s wrong with a little fun? I like fun. It’s ok, you can admit here dear heart, you do too.

People get upset over his college –QB on blue light special– campaign that his dad chose to promote. I agree, It is shameful. Guess what darling? It’s in the PAST.

If I need to write another post about how well The Cartel NCAA operates fair, please save me the energy and don’t make me rage to start a beauty of a week. Cream cheese was a victim, and not the Director of Compliance presiding over tOSU athletics when this one chose to pursue his own self-promotion, wasn’t.

Would you prefer to have your past sins aired when you were 18-20 years old out? Didn’t think so.

So, Please stop.

Enjoy what is happening! I know I am! What we are being given is a gift. An incredible gift from the football gods. Just like the Broncos beating the Pats last week.

Appreciate. Be grateful. Or go back to your snappy snap, and tweet-twat and your face of book to rail on Cammy.

I personally cannot wait let me retype this statement again, I CANT WAIT, for this Super Big Game, with my glass of Glenmorangie neat! GLENMORANGIE_IMAGE_2_526X522



Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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