Manning Up

Truth is, I couldn’t quite join the torrid love affair America had with Peyton Manning.

For me, he was an average-looking guy, who could sling the pigskin with big feet.

Don’t roll your eyes, you have noticed them too. They are quite… large.

This near-robotic man, with an insatiable hunger and instinct to shred apart defenses, and audible at the last second, will be missed. Even by this femme. 

I slightly remember his days at Tennessee (Good ‘ol Rocky Top -woooo- Rocky Top Tenn-ah-Seeeee!) A fight song never grows old in my little mind.

Another little reason why I adore the college ball of foot. Now you know the torrid love affair I’m in *wink*

It’s been a pleasure watching Mr Manning in the hunt for his second Lombardi, which the Denver D so nicely gave, I mean so nicely won, for him nearly a month ago.

One thing is for certain, Manning knows how to be a man.

I wiped a little tear after the man paused to shed a few himself during his presser last week. What America witnessed, or heard was pure class. A REAL man. Cheers. 

However, some of the nouveau riche can’t quite handle the essence of the gentle-man.

Brockie Boy my latest character in this little blog, is demonstrating size doesn’t always matter dear hearts. All six-foot eight inches of him. 


It’s simple really, he’s taking his ball and crying… right into the arms of the Texans. The big Tex-ass daddy told him, it’s gonna be ok. 

Is this a NFL QB, or my dear friend rebounding from her latest little realtionsh… it?

Cheers to when someone makes a fantastic move, in football, business or otherwise. Obviously this was a silly move in the name of money, not building a reputation. A move that makes me feel like pouring one neat, and cheering to a name wasted. (hint, that’s to you Brockie Boy)

Sidebar, The San-chize is mmm mmmm looooving it.

One thing is for certain, I will miss the sweet sounds of OMAHA! OMAHA! this upcoming season. 

-the femme weeps into the LA sunset-


x|o FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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