Pink bottles keep coming – James Bond coupe, pop clutch, one hundred

-Rick Ro$$

That’s been the femme summertime sadness of the offseason in 2016. 

Weeks away the 2016 season will begin.  We’ve waited and sweated through The Void, otherwise known as summer that’s passing us, bye.  

Now it’s almost here dear hearts, and if you’re like me your patience has worn thin.

Your choice of how you played this (non) game was up to you, and still is. For me, the pool received a few rounds of my presence, gracing one of its chairs on most days, while I read up, and conducted a little research.


Watching Ballers, Hard Knocks and reruns of The League, barely takes the edge off. I graced The Coliseum with my presence last week just to watch the Rams practice.

FullSizeRender (4)

Yes, the Rams. That’s how much as a Jets fan, I’m craving the season to just start already. 

These activities still can’t scratch the itch that a Monday or Thursday night viewing, and the viewing marathons of Saturday and Sunday, only the season can satisfy.

As a side note, ALL of the college football media days were mediocre at best. Why I didn’t use any precious fingering of my keyboard to write about any of them.

I really have only the Preseason poll to rant over. It’s in desperate need of a facelift or better, kill it. Why? I’ll be more than happy to elaborate:

  1. Bowl Games – they do NOT encapsulate the season of either team in the matchup. Many pollsters like to believe they do. As Lee Corso likes to say, not so fast my friend which leads to…
  2. Inflation – the poll gives too much clout to the teams who win their Bowl games. This year’s smokeshow’s include: Michigan, Washington, Tennessee and Ole Miss -eye roll- the Top 25 darlings of the south that don’t live up to their hype most seasons. Houston is the sexy team of the season for their talent, IF they beat Oklahoma. Last time I checked OU still has a Heisman contender on their offense calling plays, Baker Mayfield. Keep him in mind.
  3. Scheduling –  a notable, now former, athletic director at a major college football program told me, he wouldn’t play Alabama since the only thing that matters is The Playoff. So this means we have a clue… which is, win your conference outright, and don’t play difficult teams for your out-of-conference schedule. The teams that play diluted conference schedules have an advantage. Of course The Playoff Selection Committee has to approve, and last year was nearly a perfect college football storm to kick off the first year of The Playoff. Several one & two-loss teams creating a rankings mess, which I very much enjoyed.
  4. Ouch – who gets hurt in this little game of ranking 1-25? The unranked team who plays so well, all they do is win no matter what. IF Air Force were to tear the Mountain West conference apart with their Triple Option Offense, they would have a very difficult time breaking into the Top 15, let alone the Top 10.
  5. All for Nothing – I would be willing to wager a little something that a glance back year-over-year of the Pre-season Top 25 since the BCS, would show two thirds of the Pre-Top 25 didn’t carry their ranking weight throughout the season.

We can peer into the College Football Coaches Trophy / crystal ball all we want ultimately the x’s and o’s on the field, leading to a W or L at the end will tell us who is, or who isn’t.

What the Preseason Top 25 does is give us a little something to talk about.  Just like I’m doing right now – wink-

So dear Associated Press / ESPN / Sports Illustrated, etc.. how about we keep it an open relationship until November? Then we can make it official.


x|o FFF




Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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