A Little Spice is Nice

Who you calling cupcake, cupcake?


Cheers to you College Football Scheduling Gods, otherwise known as university athletic directors, to stand tall and say, “of course I’ll play (insert well-known college football program) on their turf”. This is a season where we can actually react and say, they actually have more than a chance.

IF you didn’t already know, since ESPN is telling us every five seconds, ‘Bama and USC will be playing each other Saturday evening. Number one vs Number twenty – yippee!

I have an insider scoop how that matchup came to be, however I’ll keep my secret a secret for a little while longer.

We both know College football doesn’t say goodbye, it doesn’t need to. We know it will return, so we allow a few months to pass, the spark to reignite before it turns up again. And when it reappears, you beg for more, well into the new year. I certainly know I do.

Who do I believe is going to power through this chaotic madness, and win it all dear hearts?

I need at least three solid weekends of viewing pleasure before I can appropriately determine what is what, and who is who. So I’ll allow this to linger on for a little longer. Nothing wrong with a little tease.tumblr_nyfcwzgOqf1ukdlcoo1_1280

In the meantime, I will share a few key words I believe, will grace our lips several times over the next 14 weeks.

Power – this is a season where pounding it up the middle will be so hot. Besides the typical suspects – Stanford, most of the SEC schools, and the BigTen, the copious amounts of studly RBs this season would make any running backs coach blush. Return of the Back.

Neutral – for more viewing pleasure, return of the sexy ‘neutral site’ games will be scattered throughout the season. Five will be given to us opening weekend! The top-rated IMHO is the fascinating game involving 150K of the south’s finest – Battle at Bristol. Fair warning, do not leave your couch on the porch. It may get torched. Hopefully VaTech is a little more classy then their Western counterparts.

Overrated – We know it’s coming, many of the top-25 won’t quite live up to their number.  Opening weekend will give us a nice little peek into what the season will bring. Don’t allow the returning starters, or hard-as-hell schedule fool you. Will USC make a resurgence? Will Clemson find a way to win it all? Which of the teams can stay healthy? Such fun questions, we may not have the answers to right away.

Part one is here dear hearts. It’s time to savor and scream for more.







Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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