X’s and the O’s they haunt me… they won’t let go X’s and O’s 

Ellie King

While I don’t like to feel guilty, much less admit guilt, I may have left this hanging.

Let me pour one neat and declare, it’s time to (wo)man up, and stay devoted to the things I really love – that’s sharing my obsessions with you dear heart.

Just like I told the season a few months ago, “Oh hello there. I’ve been waiting for you. Are you ready? I know I am.”, I am ready to commit to you.

Our time with football is passing a little too quickly, as it usually does. We’ve taken in who has played, and who has slayed.


Week one gave us what we could only dream of, and another reason(s) of why we enjoy this game as much as we do. As we slide into week ELEVEN, balance has been restored, including the Jets who allowed me to channel my inner Matthew Stafford for another week. Bad habits die hard.

Catches, passes, inch by inch of more goodness. I thought his may be the year the bubble would pop – that’s the bubble screen pass of course.

It’s definitely the year the slot corner, as Richard Sherman of the Seahawks proved once again Sunday vs the Patty Pats.

To make this straightforward, I’ll break this out into two divisions – College vs Pro. What we have been given makes us want more, more, more. Oh yes, I’m here to give it to you.



College Football Gods, silly me, I should never doubt. This fabulous mess couldn’t have make me lick my lips more, and consider Fournette-ing over it.

We saw USC and Juju on that beat, after bringing down an undefeated Top-5 Washington Saturday.  #pac12afterdark

The Top-25 keeps taking out top teams in it’s path of playoff mass destruction. The only one who will be left undefeated, Boring Bama, will likely stay #1. Remember the boring teams win championships – Patriots, Spurs, etc…

The Playoff saga continues – who will stay and who will get left out? Washington – bye,bye. Clemson? Louisville? tOSU, Michigan – maybe, maybe not. USC please!

Want to know my Heisman fantasy? Simple,  a dual QB threat. Louisville’s Lamar Jackson vs Alabama’s Jalen Hurts or Ohio State’s JT Barret. Ooh yes dear heart, no need for more than two, and we continue to see the Hurts putting on those poor SEC defenses.


Not only are the  Rams are back in LA, they finally made a few TD’s, yippee. That’s the only highlight of the Rams I’ll share this season. Why waste a beautiful LA day to sit in scorching agony, watching a team who barely won over the Jets?

That’s not the worst of the NFL. I’m renaming the AFC South, the Division of Despair. I suggest not to peek or watch to keep your hopes alive, just like those poor Brownies.

I may have been little thing, the last time the Cowboys only lost one game in their season. Thank you for giving us that Dak!

What happened to the Cardinals, Packers and Panthers, oh my? Don’t allow the season of past dictate your thoughts of how a season could / should be. I didn’t mind those Vikes. Backup QB or no AP, no problem. Now they may have run into a few problems. 

How about that Carr? Yes, Derek Dallas Carr. He has an arm and weapons. I was very much looking forward to take in my first ever Sunday Night Football game in Oakland. A not-so-gentleman chose to take my tickets off my hands and sell them to someone else for $50 more. Not so cute.


Let me giggle a little if you care to believe this is why the NFL ratings were down. That’s a smug mug I’d love sacked




Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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