Blurred Lines & Gray Areas

Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies
Oh, no, no you can’t disguise

Fleetwood Mac 

Why share the truth? Silly Texans HC O’Brien, we can see it written across your face, don’t think you’re sly. What’s that fun phrase, don’t tell me you enjoyed your GM picking an O-line bust, vs that Radiers Carr with an arm? Yes that one.

Don’t get me wrong dear heart, there are times it’s best to shy away from telling it as it is, and if we were Coach’s shoes, well we wouldn’t want to stand up and say, “our GM was drunk in love with that guard, and didn’t do his damn homework”. We’ve all been there.

A few months back I introduced Brocky Boy, the newly appointed Texans QB, who wanted a payday, and bless his heart, he received it.

Well, he hasn’t disappointed us, or rather, he has disappointed us in his playing ability, and non leadership skills. My, that takes a lot of non-talent!

I remember watching Brocky sling a few at while at ASU, all 6’7″ of him. He was a sight to behold, and at one time had the analysts stating he would change the game. Here’s a wise piece of advice, don’t ever let size fool you. It may be one thing you can’t buy or teach, but it’s not always an asset.

As my idol Duff McKagan said on his visit to the Rich Eisen show, “you must put the balls in capable hands. Where they are properly handled and protected.”

I’m not exactly a QB expert, I definitely believe in ball(s) security. I don’t believe the ball(s) are in capable hands, dear Texans. 440b27fba924453f258ea39a7d32b0aa

It’s a little ironic that Coach O’Brien, when he was previously coaching Penn State, quoted this gem, “In the spread offense there’s not that much blocking technique and reading coverage technique, and … it’s kind of basketball on grass.”

Ooh.. so if that’s the case, why are you picking a guard as your #1 pick, and a guy who looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story sitting on Santa’s lap… “football, what’s a football?”

Oh, burn Brocky, burn.

As for the big news, Jared Goff will be named the starter for the Rams here in the City of Angels. Lets pause while heaven cries for a minute, and the Dolphins defense screams in D-light!


If Goff can’t handle that D, also known as Sack Lake City, and with the protection he currently has around him, hint, it’s next to none, he’s going to be pounded. Should be a good time for yours and my viewing pleasure.

I know I’m looking forward to watching all of it on 70″ of goodness in front of me.


x|o FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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