It’s a love without end, amen

George Straight 

Ooh, what am I thankful for dear hearts besides the nonstop football I will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing to on my Thursday bi-costal flight, and the delicious meal I will devour following, with the nice fine brown drink of choice following?( Hint, it involves pumpkin, spice and whiskey shaken over ice.) scotch-legs

It’s our dear friend Boomer (Chris Berman).

I adore a man who can pronounce a Polynesian defensive lineman’s twelve syllable last name with ease, but for the life of ESPN can’t spit out a little es-panglish.

Why don’t we start a petition where Boomer cannot retire until he can properly say, lunes noches de futbol? Truly, I love the man, and Sundays + Mondays during the most wonderful time of the year, will not be the same after he departs us.

Fun fact, I was a high school senior when the Raiders only had two losses. Times are changing, and this femme approves of this change.

Now, on to the good stuff, College Football. NFL was a little dull this weekend. Don’t scoff you know it’s true.

The Playoff Crazy Train is not stopping for anyone or anything.

I am giddy, and can barely type as I think about all the action I watched this weekend. Yes, it was on my TV, and also my phone, I didn’t have to hide it from others while I squealed around in my seat and started shaking as tOSU almost lost to MSU, and those Trojans… I screamed with delight as my boyfriend did too. Fight On! tommy-trojan

It’s never too early so, hey Santa. I’m trying to be good, but if Coach O can become the real LSU HC, and former LSU HC Les Miles, can be Baylor’s new HC, I will really be a good girl, or will work on it…

Being thankful has many facets far beyond the little things I like to write about, and share with you here. This is one if your allergies don’t suddenly act up, and your stomach doesn’t get a feeling deep inside it, well I don’t believe you have a heart, dear heart.


x|o FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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