#mcm – Jerry Jones

Like my last #mcm post, the Michigan Man, this post will take notice to a very well-known name. Similar to the MM, Mr Jones’ team can’t be missed, if you enjoy watching America’s Pastime just like we do here.

Now you may scoff, roll your eyes or say, of course that guy. So let’s take one of those deep breaths together and admit, The League (NFL) would be a little less interesting without this man.

We crave good characters to give us a reason to love or hate something, and take part in building a good story. Jerry is a character with panache, does things big, and with a near-perfect accent too.

Quoting NYT Mag piece about the NFL. “He can also be irresistibly fun, with a big taste for Scotch, a gleam in his icy aqua eyes and a penchant for stem-winding parables that he will often stumble over but that will still make a strange kind of sense.”

Just like how he would pronounce Los Angeles, when the Rams relocation was up for discussion with the team owners?

Yes, just like that dear hearts.

Dallas is known by the nickname the Big D, which is the perfect setting for a man who likes big things, who owns one of the most coveted things to buy when you make big money, a football team. img_4315

Jones wanted to be a coach, due to his deep love of the game. He’s only one of two League owners who actually played football.

What stopped him from coaching? The amount coaches were paid, and discovering he could instead own a team and call the shots, like the current titles he holds, Owner/President/General Manager.

Can’t get any more boss, this-team-is-mine-I’m-the-one in-charge, than that.

How did Jerry get to where he is today? Risks. He was quoted once as saying, “I’m a big proponent of risk. The problem is when you take too much of it for not enough gain.”

Some can’t handle risk. That’s not Jerry. He takes risks to keep the transactional blood flowing in his veins, and while sometimes those risks haven’t served him well, he keeps moving along, like the capitalist he is, constantly calculating numbers of what he will gain. That’s a business, man.

He’s been called an NFL visionary, finding ways to add more to the bottom-line and give The League more revenue.

Give the man credit for keeping a non-winning team, minus this season, relevant.

Everyone knows who the DALLAS COWBOYS are.

Now Jerry is giving those nearly two decade, non-playoff making, 8-8 seasons a little Dak, with a nice tight end, and  solid o-line protection, realizing the Lombardi could be within his grasp to caresss and sleep with at night, which would ultimately lead to what he really wants: being called a smart football man.


Only fitting Jones’ bevvy of choice would involve the word blue. It’s Johnny Walker Blue.

With his glass of whiskey, enjoying a honky tonk or several, he knows how to have a good time, and gracious enough to buy everyone a drink  at the whole bar.

So it’s no surprise the legend is, after Jerry bought the Cowboys he laid down in the middle of the star on the field and started making the snow angel motion.

Now you know one of my goals in life, laying in the middle of the Cowboys Star. Snow angel motion not included.

Tonight as I enjoy a glass of neat, I’ll solute the owner of America’s Team, and his charming, self-deprecating, hilarious and curious, every drawled word slow-roasted in that Arkansas molasses, just like Don Van Natta, Jr of ESPN said. 


x|o FFF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

One thought on “#mcm – Jerry Jones”

  1. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but i do respect this man. He has done a lot and taking risks is the way to move forward, especially if the reward is right. And this team really has turned around this year. Its very impressive.

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