No matter what I do
I’m no good without you
And I can’t get enough
Must be love on the….. brain /Rihanna 

After feeling The Draft flow in and out, acknowledging a few new faces, like my new Tight End obsession , we’re about to begin the most boring time of the year. Get your sunblock, swimsuit, floaty and adult juice of choice ready. 

Drive yourselves to distraction. The Void will be here until Labor Day weekend.

Let’s take a peek at that very sexy Saturday: September 2, 2017. I’m licking my lips thinking of all the action I’ll be taking in that day. Michigan vs Florida, FSU vs Bama, and LSU vs BYU.  Ooh Yes.

FullSizeRenderSpring football was… okay. No one wants to get hurt, which is understandable. We can let our little minds wonder for the next 3.5 months, will Clemson return? Could Michigan make it to The Playoffs? Will Washington husky through the PAC12 North? Will USC tump through the PAC12 South? Will Heisman winner Lamar Jackson at Louisville help his team win the ACC? Could Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield win the Heisman? Too soon. 

Back to NFL there are already a few changes. We’ve discovered Jay Cutler, former Chicago Bear’s quarterback professional scowler and semi-starter, will be an analyst for FOX this upcoming season. No one wants to see his bear-end ever again. Really, I don’t.

Colin Kaepernick may be getting a little more res-pect from me for his recent Know Your Rights camp in South Chicago. Rumors are he’s set on becoming a political activist versus collecting a check on an NFL roster. Maybe it’s from Kaep not feeling any NFL love.

And that’s that for this week.

Since I come alive in the Fall Time, my vacation time starts once the season kicks off. The Football Femme Tour 2017 will be in various cities across the US: San Francisco, Palo Alto, Nashville, New Orleans, Miami and maybe a few others. I can be full of surprises.


x|o FF


Author: Football Femme

A football-loving, well-heeled Miss, who enjoys sipping her scotch whisky neat.

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