About Me

It’s beautifully smooth with a cinnamon scent; seductive, leading us to the happiness we deserve.

This dear hearts, is how I want you to feel about this little blog of mine.

Quoting the great Peter King, “full disclosure about a dangerous thing is good—even if that dangerous thing is an American obsession”.


I’ll be sharing thoughts and opinions about this American obsession. One that, although is quite wonderful -fair warning- may raise your blood pressure, make you want to grunt, ooh and ahh, cause occasional screaming, swearing, sweating and crying. It may make you want to spend hours in the cold, possibly a blizzard, rain, sleet and blazing hot heat.

So know, I take yours and my pleasure seriously.

pleasureSome things require a little time to develop, and grow a taste of appreciation. Once you do, you’re glad you did. Two of those things for me have been football, and scotch + whiskey.

While some may find delight within a weekend night’s debauchery; a dimly lit room full of sweaty bodies, and beats pumping.

I prefer my beauty sleep, and sweaty bodies lined up against each other, for my viewing pleasure, sitting on my plush little sofa not wearing much on Saturdays + Sundays.

This pleasure takes up my whole day, right into the night. After dawn, to after dusk. September until playoffs in January.

More than I enjoy a sip of scotch neat, in a beautiful crystal glass, perched in a steakhouse, keeping my heels and standards high, before devouring a solid cut of medium rare, is observing the reveal, and conceal of controlled chaos.


The beauty of the game is, we literally do not know what is going to happen next!

How is that for a thrill?

The fierce explosiveness on every down. Eleven men on each side. A left tackle attempting to shred off a linebacker, or defensive end.

Can the quarterback make his three step drop in the pocket… to complete a pass to his slot receiver… in double coverage?!

Or a three man rush, while the remaining defensive players drop back into coverage to break up a 15+ yard pass play.

My spine is tingling, as my fingers type these little words across the screen.

This is my appetite for destruction, and why football is my obsession.

“Sometimes things that are wonderful are not that good for us”, quoting Mr King again.

I’m here to tell you, that’s okay dear hearts.

Let’s take pleasure together, in the wonderful thing that may not be good for us, but brings us the happiness we deserve.scotch-legs

Join me as I raise my glass of neat to football.

The best sport on earth.


x|o FFF