No one man should have all that power
The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours
Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power – Kanye West

Keep it simple, run it up the middle. NFL teams may soon nod their heads in agreement dear hearts. This draft is bursting with running back talent, it feels like we’re back in ’94.

Power, known in football circles when an explosive RB blasts through the gaps the O-line creates for him, and pounds through any of the D-lineman, or linebackers in front of him. Smash mouth football at it’s core. The same style of football I lovingly named the Big Ten, Big Boring for seasons.

Over the last 10-ish seasons in the NFL, 15-ish for college, the shift in popularity of teams favoring the spread offense, which features slot receivers and quick passing plays maximizing yardage, is ultimately the counter to power, and usually more exciting to take in on your 50+ inches of pleasure.

This draft may have offensive coordinators shaking up their schemes.


The beauty of power running is the simplicity, which makes it straightforward. Ground and Pound. 

  • Leonard Fournette
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Alvin Kamara
  • D’Onta Foreman

These are a few names who are hopeful to have Commish Goodie Bear, give them a rose jersey, and announce the home team where their destiny awaits.

Speaking of drafting, you caught me… Yes I watched The Combine. I was a little surprised McCaffrey ran a faster forty than Fournette. Apparently the latter weighed in five LBS more than he played in college. Oops… Muscle weighs more than fat, we know that!

My favorite position was a standout… Tight End. We know I love a nice one. With the schemes NFL teams have been running -Panthers, Saints, Pattie Pats, Cowboys- a solid TE is needed in the modern game. I love every second of it. In my little opinion, the most versatile and generally underrated position on a team.

There’s also a well-known veteran RB who may be willing to dock his ship with the Vikings to join another team – AP, Adrian Peterson. He’s feeling a little unappreciated by his fellow crewmen, or maybe he’s feeling bored again.

We’ve heard the saying, stand up for something or you will fall for anything. If you kneel for something, will you fall standing up? It’s okay dear, you’re not the only one shaking your head. Colin Kaepernick, professional National Anthem protestor and former semi-QB for the hot-mess San Fran 49’ers,has decided, since his recently updated status is FA, Free Agent, he will no longer kneel during the National Anthem. He performed his duties -eye roll-

Can’t trick us silly Cap! We know this was a PR move his agent suggested, and it’s burning him.

Another week, and not boring… Thank you off-season Gods.


x|o FFF


So Bored…

We’ve heard really boring news.

Oh no, another football players doesn’t like training camp, and OTA’s. He’s entitled, according to a former NFL GM.

Think the guys working construction jobs in the summer heat or people working at fast food restaurants for minimum wage would consider it a burden to run around on a practice field in no pads at OTAs? Or lift weights and prepare for the season ahead in training camp while being paid millions of dollars?

Let me roll my little eyes for a moment…

Honey, remind yourself of what you’re writing about.image  NFL = NOT FOR LONG

When anything starts with, ‘back in the 70’s…’ Stop right there mister. Maybe you need your iCal on your little iPhone, as a reminder the 1970’s have gone, bye.

First, has this man held any of the positions he has such strong opinions about?

Secondly, does this man seriously think the construction worker or fast food worker could handle football training?

It’s intense that’s why AP is considering dropping it. He’s also a competitive guy and stating the obvious. Like the old saying, blocking and tackling, it means repetition. After a decade plus of repetition, it grows boring and stale. I noticed this guy decided to retire. Could it be due to a little daily boring… repetition? 

Practice abuses your body and mind. As a highly regarded, former GM, this Mr should recognize that and honor that statement. It’s also not the first football-related piece of news he’s hating on.

Yes, practice is boring. It’s practice. It’s not glamourous. Unlike the now late, buddy Ryan mentality. It’s smart. This sport is begging for smart men to step forward and boldly state the truth. Maybe their bodies can’t handle it any more, although AP says his body is just fine. 

I’ll lick my lips over the argument, NFL players get paid more than school teachers!

Yes dear, it’s called supply and demand. Don’t know it? I suggest you pick up a book or google, and learn something today.

Almost anyone can be a teacher. It takes natural abilities and talent to play in the NFL. It’s also a little private entity- or rather a busy-nass that is worth, only tens of billions of dollars.

How they spend their money is their business, literally and figuratively.


Think your local school disty can compete? Didn’t think so.

If you want to believe I have zero sympathy for the teacher, don’t be so foolish. My mother was one. I know what it’s like to live on a teacher’s salary.

And let’s don’t twist AP’s boring news with him being saint Peterson. Two wildly different arguments. I understand the negative man is working to chip away at Peterson’s character, and the boring practice comment doesn’t add to his repertoire.   

I’m bored… where’s something to catch my attention, like the season starting.


x|o FFF