See you in September / See you when the summer’s through – The Happenings 

Dear hearts I wanted to share with you my deep affection for my true love, football. It’s only fitting to give you a little something to enjoy on this day of love.


Our  relationship has had it’s ups and downs over the years. Some seasons it treats me right, other seasons we’re in misery. No matter what, I keep coming back for more, September until right before Valentines Day. I can’t get enough. I’m infatuated. The game has me wrapped around it stronger than the white laces holding the ball together.

I could spend hours, maybe days discussing plays, strategies, coaches, players and the business behind the sport.  Nickel vs dime packages. Pocket passers and those who should never run with the option. Why the spread has been so much more potent for defenses to handle, than the wildcat could only wish to be. I should probably stop there. I could be here the rest of today, tonight and tomorrow.


I fell in love when I was a little young thing, at six years old. I grew up in a community like those in West Texas (it wasn’t), unaware it was out of the norm for communities to shut down for high school football / Friday Night Lights, that my classmates’ fathers were coaches at well-known college football programs, the Division-I college coaches constantly urlattending my junior college’s games, or that guy’s uncle was my driver’s ed instructor.

Our relationship was in the stars. I was meant to fall in love with this sport.

My household could care less. Basketball and soccer were allowed, not football. This was not the case at my friend’s homes. I was entranced by how the game would bring my community together.

I give much appreciation to my boy-friends and boyfriends over the years teaching me about this wonderful game. I decided to take things into my own hands when I was a sophomore in college. My team and college had an undefeated season and I wanted to know more. I bought every coaching book from Barnes and Noble, including Football for Dummies (this femme has no shame), and got to work that summer. By fall I was interviewing to work for my college team, and could easily explain why our starter was a five-step QB vs the traditional three. I worked for my college team for over four seasons.

lipsAs a devotee to the sport, I wait longing for you as the months pass until you show up again this fall.  To you football, I adore you.


x|o FFF

#mcm – Nick Saban

I got enemies, got a lotta enemies; Got a lotta people tryna drain me of my energy – Drake

Tonight marks the official ending of the college football season. Coach Nick Saban will be coaching his team to their possible third National Title in five seasons. I felt this #mcm was only proper for the occasion.

As with the #mcm feature, some may revere this man, some may loathe him. Regardless of what side you fall on, we are looking at the modern day contender to challenge the former great Alabama HC Bear Bryant. Coach Saban already possesses a higher winning percentage than the famed coach, and if he wins tonight will be tied with Coach Bryant, at six National Titles.saban-forbes

Coach Saban is a leader among men. He’s not a businessman. He’s a business, man.

Winning, or winking as auto correct wanted me to type, takes no time off. Saban knows how to win and wink, keeping the Tide rolling under his control.

He’s got one thing on his mind… It’s football. All.The.Time

The Sabanator was born 10/31/51. How fitting that this man was born on Halloween? Providing more ammo for his haters dubbing him Satan.

Raised in West Virginia country, Nick’s father “Big Nick” senior preached perfection. This provided the roots for the controller persona Nick exhibits today.

Saban has taken after his well-known mentor well, Bill Belichick. He’s intensely focused, studies and prepares for any little details that could trip him up, and wears the perma-scowl well.

Saban is known for his defense. He played as a defensive back himself while at Kent State. As a natural defender, he’s crafted his well-known Cover 3 from foreseeing the football trend progress season-over-season, to pass-heavy offenses. That’s why The Sabonator is so good at coaching his defenders to do this… saban-1

Nick has a few sayings. Be where your feet are. Do your job. Dominate your box. Keep chopping wood. Buy into The Process.

The term The Process is thrown around football more often than a post route. Current and former players have been quoted that Coach Saban’s Process is not exactly defined. What Nick has been known to say is, he learned to embrace, and develop a love for the “doing”, versus focusing on the outrageous goals he has, and his teams to achieve. This is The Process. The grind, the day in and day out preparation.

Don’t let it fool you that Nick is a country boy. Recall the scene in the Blind Side, where Saban made his film cameo? He commented on the recruit’s mothers drapes. Classic Saban. Part of his Process also stems from looking like success on and off the field.

He provides an exact vision for those he’s recruiting, and for those he’s coaching.

What does Saban hate? Losing. He’s been quoted to say he’s absolutely miserable after a loss. This is why he’s known to be hard on his assistants, making a few enemies, just like the man who used to be his right hand man that Lame Kiffin, and wanting to review film for hours, whether the team won or lost to prepare. image

What’s the saying, the Devil is in the Details?

Tonight dear hearts, we’ll see if Nick can achieve his fifth National Title against the Clemson Tigers.


x|o FFF