Dear hearts, yes that is me. Cheers! Join me for eight minutes of pure pleasure discussing one of the best days of the year… WORLD WHISKEY DAY – Yes! Yes! Oh Yes…

Who knew science tasted so good?

Whiskey is also the strong, dark and smooth solution also known as my soulmate specialist during the football season.

Football + Whiskey = perfect combination


FF x|o


Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You’re breaking the girl
(She meant you no harm) / Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Dear hearts, I’ve really held my tongue debating if I should write what I’m about to write. Thanks to the not-so-fine-non-gentleman @Uber, I strongly feel I must.


As a woman who has worked in male-dominated industries my entire professional career, which include finance, football and high-tech, you wouldn’t assume or guess it upon first looking at me. I dress and look very feminine, hence why I chose the name of this blog to reflect my style, writing about the two things I adore, football and scotch whisky.

I prefer skirts and dresses and 3-4″ heels on a daily basis. I do not feel comfortable in dress pants or flats. I’m also already tall, which can add a factor of unfortunate intimidation in some cases.

I’ve learned how to put people at ease, since I do not fit into a box of what they feel I should-be, since this is who I am.

Why am I explaining this? I have been the only woman at countless meetings, dinners, and events. I’ve hardly thought twice about it. I have not wanted to be treated any differently than the men around me. I worked hard for my respective positions, and my perception is, there is no difference between us.

We are witnessing social injustice toward women across football programs and Silicon Valley companies, and I feel I need to stand up and say something on behalf of my gender, and as a woman who has been employed in both sectors.

Be warned, I’m about to channel my inner 90’s Courtney Love. 

First, I see a coward in Travis Kalanik CEO of Uber, who finds NOW is the time he needs to make changes, including gathering all the female engineers within his organization to share with them, he can sympathize.

I nearly threw up.

Hey Trav, do you know what it’s like to have a man unexpectedly reach up your skirt and feel you up or slap your a**?

Hey Trav, do you know what it’s like to get stared down like a piece of meat from an co-worker you want NO part of, and are terrified to walk to your car parked in the underground garage when you wrap up your work at 9 PM?

Trav I’m sure you know what it’s like to report said employee to HR, only for them to look you up and down and say, well you are an attractive woman., and this is only his first offense. 

Maybe you know exactly what it’s like to work your a** off and be told, we appreciate your efforts but that guy over there, who isn’t nearly as qualified as you are honey, feel he’s a better fit. Later to discover he has a family, that’s why he’s a better fit. 

Travis you definitely know what it’s like to have a baby and return from maternity leave only to find your position suddenly no longer necessary, or told if you have kids, climbing back to your position will be nearly impossible.  

Travis I’m sure you can sympathize what it feels like to be a woman… mti5mdaymjixndm3mji5ntm0

Next, The University of Oklahoma, including and not limited to HC Bob Stoops (whom I strongly believe should still be fired for allowing that running back on his team receive a slap on the wrist for breaking a woman), is also part of this problem.

One NFL GM and team will believe they can change, what they view as a little misfortune, and make him into a good-guy. I’m suppressing one hell of a laugh. Gents, habits are not formed overnight. You think this is a one-time incident? Think again.

Lastly, Baylor… is just warming up. It’s officially Wa-Co for women in Waco, including of all people within their athletic department, this female non-leader, women’s basketball HC, Kim Mulkey and her comments last week.

Come on Kim, I thought these things were done with no tears? Isn’t that the game played, or what you tell your players?

Let me be absolutely clear here, I love and adore men. I am not a I’m-a-woman-here-me-roar-type. I do not believe one gender is superior to the other. WE need each OTHER.

I have had the privilege to work with astounding, humble and talented people. I’ve also worked with arrogant, egomaniacal people who believe the world and everyone in it owes them something. That’s just life.


I (speaking for myself) do not want to be treated any differently than my male-counterparts. All I ask is for the same opportunities as them.

As Diane von Furstenberg said in her remarks, the night her exhibit Journey of a Dress opened at LACMA, I’ve always wanted to live a man’s world in a woman’s body. 

I want to emphasize here dear hearts, I’m not looking to be right. I want us to get it right. These are issues the president of our country has been accused of committing, which makes my stomach sink.

We are failing here and it’s shameful.

Let’s make a change and stand up for others, while rocking out to Hole’s Live Through This, as we live through this.


x|o FFF


Baby stay calm we don’t need another episode


Oh my… now! Right there! Yes, no. Yes! Yes! That’s it!

bed-sheetsThat was me on Sunday AM, realizing the PST alarm wasn’t set for noon EST.

It’s difficult to tap that app when you’re first waking up.

How was that WTF weekend? That’s what the football, of course.

Ever felt as though trying to keep up with all this exhausting? Me neither. Let’s keep the good times rolling dear hearts.

The Playoff Chamber has spoken. The selections have been made. Oh dear, your team wasn’t chosen? Neither was mine. It’s simple, get better at football, win and be willing to play a solid out of conference schedule. 

As for the playoff I like to think in terms of what I like, quality. I’m also guilty of enjoying a hot, fabulous mess. Who doesn’t? Realize, hot messes are reserved for the season. They’re fun and quickly forgotten. Remember Iowa last year? Their QB was Beathard (literally) You want that again?

Uh huh honey, sure you do…

When trophies are involved, keep it classy and save the best for last. eyes-cant-watch

Sunday, was not quite bloody but it sure was nice. A few scores (Bills/Raiders, Chiefs/Falcons) kept nice and tight, just like Thursday night, and exactly what I like.

One word sums up the Jets season, disaster.

A real nightmare before Christmas. I saw Andrew Luck pop up when I was asleep last night. I couldn’t defend him. I felt hopeless. I can’t take this anymore.

So dear Jet’s owner Woody Johnson, and that wasn’t a double entendre I was intending, you’re really living up to your name in more ways than one, and that’s not a compliment. 

Santa, all I want for Christmas is for a new Jets team. Yes, a whole new team. Pretty please?

Which reminds me, it’s the season of angels.  One tried to make one, while these were my favorite from last night.

Now on to Thursday. Show me a good time Chiefs and Raiders.


x|o FFF

High Expectations

Like my scotch habits and heels, my expectations are also high in regards to the season soon upon us. We know it, sense it and smell it… It’s almost here dear hearts.

Allow me to lick my lips while saying, mmmmm

NFL training camps begin next week and CFB conference days are wrapping up. Let me share what’s recently caught my eye…

Expansion – generally means an increase in size. What if the name you currently have doesn’t match your current size? Is it still considered an expansion?


I’m all about the Big XII being twelve again. The name is downright misleading. Since this is a voting year, I’d vote for two in blue – BYU & Memphis. First you get the Blessing and second you get the SEC. 

Speaking of the SEC, they’re Just the good old boys. Never meanin’ no harm.

I know I wasn’t the only one thinking this as I watched SEC media days…

Let’s evaluate the new boys in town – Muschamp,  Odom and Smart.


Looking quite fitting in their sport coats and bama bangs. Enough evaluating, moving along. 

My borderline (non)affair for Coach Bielema rages on, after this gem parting from his lips:

“At Arkansas we’re not built very sexy, we’re just kind of a work in progress. We need a lot of time in the bathroom to get ready and come out and look great.”  

Oh Coach…

The SEC – charming, country, and sometimes too much.

Speaking of too much, oh lovely another TV channel. The ACC network is here. My eyes did a double take with no adult beverage in my little system. Twenty years is quite something to see, and dear hearts it’s happening until 2036.

Take that in for a moment.

We also know if the Irish choose to commit, which makes me giggle since they are so Independent, they have a nice pair of golden handcuffs tied to… The ACC Network. 


I’ll end with the perfect words for the upcoming season:

I need you, I need you, I need you right now
Yeah, I need you right now
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down
I think I’m losing my mind now
It’s in my head, darling I hope
That you’ll be here, when I need you the most
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down


x|o FFF



So Bored…

We’ve heard really boring news.

Oh no, another football players doesn’t like training camp, and OTA’s. He’s entitled, according to a former NFL GM.

Think the guys working construction jobs in the summer heat or people working at fast food restaurants for minimum wage would consider it a burden to run around on a practice field in no pads at OTAs? Or lift weights and prepare for the season ahead in training camp while being paid millions of dollars?

Let me roll my little eyes for a moment…

Honey, remind yourself of what you’re writing about.image  NFL = NOT FOR LONG

When anything starts with, ‘back in the 70’s…’ Stop right there mister. Maybe you need your iCal on your little iPhone, as a reminder the 1970’s have gone, bye.

First, has this man held any of the positions he has such strong opinions about?

Secondly, does this man seriously think the construction worker or fast food worker could handle football training?

It’s intense that’s why AP is considering dropping it. He’s also a competitive guy and stating the obvious. Like the old saying, blocking and tackling, it means repetition. After a decade plus of repetition, it grows boring and stale. I noticed this guy decided to retire. Could it be due to a little daily boring… repetition? 

Practice abuses your body and mind. As a highly regarded, former GM, this Mr should recognize that and honor that statement. It’s also not the first football-related piece of news he’s hating on.

Yes, practice is boring. It’s practice. It’s not glamourous. Unlike the now late, buddy Ryan mentality. It’s smart. This sport is begging for smart men to step forward and boldly state the truth. Maybe their bodies can’t handle it any more, although AP says his body is just fine. 

I’ll lick my lips over the argument, NFL players get paid more than school teachers!

Yes dear, it’s called supply and demand. Don’t know it? I suggest you pick up a book or google, and learn something today.

Almost anyone can be a teacher. It takes natural abilities and talent to play in the NFL. It’s also a little private entity- or rather a busy-nass that is worth, only tens of billions of dollars.

How they spend their money is their business, literally and figuratively.


Think your local school disty can compete? Didn’t think so.

If you want to believe I have zero sympathy for the teacher, don’t be so foolish. My mother was one. I know what it’s like to live on a teacher’s salary.

And let’s don’t twist AP’s boring news with him being saint Peterson. Two wildly different arguments. I understand the negative man is working to chip away at Peterson’s character, and the boring practice comment doesn’t add to his repertoire.   

I’m bored… where’s something to catch my attention, like the season starting.


x|o FFF





Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell – POE

You think you had a bad day?

Unless your daddy called you a druggie, feels the clink would be a good place for you to land, and your agent ‘accidentally’ texted the wrong AP, in hopes you don’t need a little testing done, I think someone else’s day overran yours. FullSizeRender (3)

Johnny boy needs help, as Coach Madden would say, stating the obvious.

He’s been Spinning too many plates once again. He’s already damaged one in the process, besides himself. 

It was noted & quoted when football Johnny was being evaluated for the draft, “Everything he does is sloppy”.

I shook my head a little, and rolled around the block of ice in my glass, as I thought of writing about sloppy. I don’t do sloppy in any way, shape or form.

NFL gents, you knew it was going to be one of those nights with Johnny. More money, more access, all leading to an overinflated ego wouldn’t make Johnny want to push a little more, right boys?

Shame on you.

Now we know it’s our secret, that I consider myself a football expert.  

So let’s rewind to 2013 when he was slinging the ball back at A&M. Even I (yes, me in my heels) could tell he’s a system QB. Not quite a fit for the pros. Definitely not a first round pick. 

Think of any QB Urban Meyer has coached. Example, Touchdown Jesus. Even HE couldn’t do it, and recall dear heart, he had The Only Begotten on his side, blushes hearing the letters S…E…C, and the only thing he has blazed, is a trail to his church door.

Now unfortunately we have to watch one of these top-daft cases every few years / decades. Oopsie lords of professional football, mistakes happen but this, could have been prevented.

It’s as though you have a mistress for a year. ‘Safe’ isn’t a top priory and now she’s a little larger in the front… and needs to talk to you.

Don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming.

What Johnny posted on his little IG a couple of months ago is not shocking.

“I’ve been the same person, doing the same things since it all started”.


I’ll give the boy credit where it’s due. He’s right, he has been the same person. The only people caught in a Johnny Football reverie, were those in the NFL.


x|o FFF