The devil went down to Georgia / He was lookin’ for a soul soul to steal  – Charlie Daniels 

In my last update, I explained how greed is good for The League in LA, in a city where one team isn’t enough, and a round up of the divisional playoffs. 

I promise dear hearts, it wasn’t the unusual rainfall here in La-La land, or my (x) glass of Auchentoshan from the night before on the Sunset Strip, that I felt a little sleepy in the 2nd quarter of the Falcons / Packers Sunday…img_5158

This was a completely different game versus their other match up in October.

That was fun, this was a challenge

I chanted Go Pack Go,  hopeful they would make it a game. The devil, or the Packers defense couldn’t quite capture Matty Ice on Sunday in Georgia, at the last game played in the Georgia Dome. Another football relic I won’t see, before the demolishing crew comes in with a wrecking ball…

We didn’t view much stealing from the Packers sideline, besides looks of sadness. There really aren’t juicy details to review what we watched dear hearts. It was clear, the Falcons #roseup and the Pack didn’t. Game over. 


The Patty Pat Pats are in the SB again…

New England demonstrated that with, or without their tight end, no problem. Enter their third string WR Chris Hogan. He used to be property of the Bills, and thank the football gods he didn’t play against the Jets. He pulled off the same numbers as Julio Jones (2 TDs for 180 Yards). Yes, the well-known Hot-lanta WR. 
The Steelers didn’t look organized. Saying the secondary played terrible is being quite kind. Terribly good is not what I meant. 

Six carries for 20 yards… Le-Vey-on-it, wasn’t on it. That’s exactly what she said here. No ball security and / or finding the end zone, or at least a first down. Cap it off with Big Ben is threatening to retire. 

Try not to giggle as much as I did over the following sentence: Johnny Manziel has announced to the world, he’s ready to grow up, sober up and return to The League.

Yes dear I have fantasies too, but these are quite some dreams Johnny has…

Johnny Football decides now he loves football? Let’s read between Johnny’s good intentions to find the unvarnished truth: a collector or five may be knock-knocking on Johnny’s door, and he needs to earn a paycheck quickly.  

He’s been invited to the newly minted NFL Spring League, or the USFL 2.0. The League knows we will likely watch a subtle hot mess. At least it’s football… In the Spring. 

In real news, Harbsy is taking his squad to Rome for a week in April. Of course educational experience was mentioned, this is a college football team. Don’t try to read into the details where this was announced just over a week before Not Lying Intentionally (NLI) Day, meaning every recruit in the nation’s ears just perked up, and if they didn’t, mine did. 

I know I shouldn’t but I do… want a Harbsy international scandal. Now it’s written, so maybe it will be done. If history likes to repeat, we know something is bound to happen. Although we already have enough with the current Viva America show that just started. 


x|o FFF


No I’ll stand my ground / Won’t be turned around /And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
Gonna stand my ground -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

I wonder what my neighbors just thought… Screaming yes! yes! multiple times, check. Don’t put it in there, and Get in there, were definitely said. Just pound it in, was said many imagestimes.

I love sacks, yes I said that. Highly likely I screamed it too, because I do.   

I want it to Butt. Obviously… We know I prefer a nice Tight End, who’s last name is perfection for his position. 

And everything was tied together by a Oh my… What was that? No, no don’t stop. 

Dear hears, that’s what the Orange Bowl did to me this tonight. It was so good, I’m left exhausted and very satisfied.

Oh you want the details? Well, let me delight you. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Before the kickoff, about five minutes before, drama came into play. It was announced Michigan’s Heisman finalist and human specimen, Jabrill Peppers would not be playing. WTF

Uh huh honey, another What The Football moment.

Apparently he sprained something practicing, and everyone felt it was best to not have him play. Am I the only one who felt like the X-files theme song needed to be played?

FSU took the lead well into the fourth quarter, maintaining a two possession margin. FSU savage runner, Dalvin Cook looked like he wanted to show off his skills, and challenge The Rock. We saw who was Cooking tonight.

Michigan looked doomed, and played like it too. Then Hail to the Victors, they decided to show up. These are the things miracles are nearly made of.

Just take this in for a moment. If that doesn’t make your heart flutter and your stomach flip a little, I’m not sure we can continue being friends.

For those of you who would rather read my words of eloquence, allow me type poetry to you.  A pass and nearly impossible catch made by FSU Receiver in the corner of the end zone, vs solid man on man coverage. Next, the FSU field goal attempt is blocked and ran back for a Michigan TD.

It came down to a 32-33 FSU lead, and they won. img_4476

I really don’t think I can sleep tonight realizing tomorrow could hold even more of this deliciousness.

Let’s take a trip down fantasy lane. Tomorrow what is going to happen? Allow me to peer into the depths of prediction.

Alabama vs Washington. 

Look dear hearts, this is serious. I’m considering bowing down on both knees tonight and telling our dearly beloved, I will forego my obsession for Christian and Jimmy in 2017, if UDUB can give the Tide their duces, and tell them they won’t back down. Well now there’s a nice comparison, HC Petersen looks a little like Tom Petty, without the long hair.

Washington will be making their appearance in the daytime, since they usually come alive in the night time #pac12afterdark. Don’t allow the underdog status to fool you.  Their HC, Petersen likes playing the underdog. In fact, he’s played it so well, he took his former team, Boise State to two former BCS Bowl games, winning both leading to undefeated seasons, including upsetting Oklahoma ten years ago.

I too would look away, if I was standing next to Satan Saban in the flesh. screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-11-41-23-pm

Washington has been known for their D this season. After all, they have a linebacker named Psalm Wooching. I’d expect they will be putting a Whooching on Bama’s QB Jalen Hurts, and enveloping him right into their golden box.

We’ve heard about how good Bama’s D is. And since numbers don’t lie, the stats are really impressive. This is where the game will be risky for Washington’s QB Browning. He will need rock solid protection to block off that Bama D.

img_2543Next, Clemson vs Ohio State. This could be a fun time.

I’m already thinking Ohio State advantage. Last season in the National Championship game, otherwise known as the biggest party in the South, Clemson was leading and found a way to lose.

Realize, scoring in college football is easier than scoring on Tinder, so expect this game to be high-scoring. I’m not complaining, I enjoy scoring. Ultimately the Ohio State defense vs Deshawn Watson will be a great matchup. I could see the final score totaling over 75, and it being very tight right until the end.


x|o FFF

#mcm – The Michigan Man

Dear hearts, since the college football season closed on us this weekend, I wanted to give you my first #mcm (Man Crush Monday) Post.

Who is the Michigan Man?

Bo's 1st Rose Bowl winMichigan Football

I’ve spotted him in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York and not as well-known places. He’s everywhere!

Navy Ball caps with a bright yellow capital M emblazoned on the front.


Dark navy sweaters with MICHIGAN in bold yellow font stretched across the front.

I’ve evaluated, and calculated, or just observed every twentieth car on the 10, 405, 101, 110, and side streets, has a Michigan license plate cover.

He is out. He is proud. He is The Michigan Man.

He doesn’t have a race or a particular face. No economic status. He is every man’s man, but also a step above the rest. He signifies something, an institution, a leader. He provides hope.

Who are the notable MM? Desmond Howard, Tommy Boy (Tom Brady), Les Miles (formerly L-Les-U), Rich Eisen, a former Prezzy (Gerald Ford), of course the ultimate MM Harbsy (Coach Harbaugh).

Isn’t it only fitting the men of Michigan play in The Big House?

The first time I stepped in The Big House, wearing my school colors, which are Red & White, similar to their hated rival tOSU, I was a little worried, especially after we won.

Hint: fellow femme’s, or gents inform your ladies, don’t bring a big bag to the big house. It will get bag checked. From that little lesson, I will not bring a big anything, anywhere.

I can’t throw shade to the MM. He and his ladies were very friendly to us. They invited us to their post-game tailgate, said they would improve once Rich Rod adjusted  (we know how well he didn’t adjust), and they wanted to review the game.

30f386d884636fb7cd48991b8669e303We had just won against this storied program, incredible the Michigan Men and women had that class.

Hail to the Michigan Man. Nice to see you again.


x|o FFF