Whiskey Wednesday – Nikka

And if I needed whisky / He could serve it to me neat – Fleetwood Mac

Welcome dear hearts, to my first post about whiskey. It is Wednesday after all, the day we savor her goodness.

Yesterday I told you about my affair with football. However it’s not the only brown thing I’m obsessed with, whiskey or scotch whisky is a close second.

As I traveled to a little place by the name of London last week, and took in Paris before, I kept running into her. img_5555

Very sophisticated and sleek. A simple a lilac label,  which is THE colour this season, presented in an elegant bottle. Her name, Nikka from the Barrel. I already have a bottle importing to me as I type this.

She’s that good… and not cheap.

She is everywhere in Paris and London. Once I saw her 3x I knew I had to taste her.

Nikka from the Barrel is dark, deep and rich. I don’t prefer Japanese whiskey, until now. I’ve found Japanese whiskey too clean for my liking. This whiskey has changed my mindset. I real shame it’s not widely available here in the states.

Let’s see if we can change that.


x|o FFF