A little topic is receiving a lot of fingering and tweet-service via Twitter today: young writers, unpaid internships and going after what you want. Let me share with you a little secret:


I’m a believer in a little tough love. We know deep inside it’s the best kind.

football-closeupIwanted to work for my college’s football team. I wanted to be in charge of decisions and be respected. I didn’t know what role that would be in college. I knew the position I wanted to hold for pro team. Amy Trask, former Raiders CEO held a beacon of light, that if she could do it, I could do it too.

I began working as an intern for my mentor, Mr Hendrix and no is first name is not Jimi, in the athletics department. He was a former four-year starting point guard for our alma mater, leading our team to the Sweet 16 decades ago. At 5’10” he was not built to play in the NBA. He instead played six seasons as a corner in the NFL. He never played a down of football outside of high school. As he told me once, he didn’t like the feeling of being hit. One of those teams he played for, the Dallas Cowboys during their prime.

When I walked into his office I had no clue who he is. The accomplishments he displayed, his two degrees prominently  placed on top of a cabinet and several photos of his family surround his desk. Modesty is a virtue.

He gave me good advice, and the realities of playing in the NFL.

See, I was raised in a house where football wasn’t turned on every Saturday or Sunday. No my father wasn’t an armchair QB. I had to pull a QB sneak to peek at games.

Football is revered in my small-town community. A national football power at the time, was only 45 minutes away. Football brought people in my community together. The game fascinated me, and so my obsession began.

img_4295While interning unpaid for Mr Hendrix, I worked 1-2 additional jobs to pay my rent and expenses. I was a first generation college grad. A small-town girl who was feeling her away around a system that was savage. Read: it wasn’t easy.

Beverly Hillbilly’s exist. I’m living proof.

I was promoted to work for my college football team, as the Assistant Director of Football Operations for 4 seasons following my internship. I was paid, but if I told you what it was, you would think I was crazy to do what I did, for as long as I did. Most days I loved it, some days I didn’t. That’s life dear hearts.

I didn’t know it then, my last day working in football was NLI signing day February 3, 2010. I would work even harder to gain a similar position at USC. After years of making connections, and acceptance into the Marshall School of Business to pursue my MBA, I was told during my interview I was overqualified.

That’s what happens when you chase other dreams, like joining a tech startup that IPO’d. Another story for anther day… image

Realize all you have is yourself. Know your worth and be willing prove it. Go. Hard.


x|o FFF

Coming Up Roses

Last post I gave a sincere thank you to the football gods for the Orange bowl, and my predictions after staring into dark center of the Playoff trophy,  for the Peach and Fiesta games. 

What was my sensible way of coping with the New Year? Taking in what was the best football game my little eyes have ever watched. Cheers to you 2017! 

90991f45bb6c38c73328b3f750ddaa65USC showed the Rose Bowl and all those watching, they could pLAy, and would not allow those frisky kitties from across the nation, to win in their town. 

Juju was on his beat, and the defense held down by DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu. Pssst, want a fun drinking game to play next halftime dear heart? Attempt to pronounce a Polynesian lineman’s last name. Try it. Your tongue may hurt after. 

Adoree’ Jackson was working every angle of the field, before breaking a few hearts revealing an injury. He definitely made the nation question who’s a more versatile player, him or that DB from Michigan.

Penn State also looked like they were returning to their roots as a classy college football program, especially wearing their black cleats.

For four hours, I felt every emotion pass through my body. Surprise, excitement, disappointment, screams followed by explicit language, worry and extreme happiness.

Which also perfectly describes my affair with football.

USC’s QB Sam Darnold, is a leader. I may have to post a #mcm on this true freshman. Yes, let me repeat he’s a TF. He had over 400 total yards with a ~62% completion percentage. Oh yes, take that in. He has the composure of a senior, who’s had the same offense around him for three seasons. Keep in mind, he’s only started for 3/4 of this season. Incredible. My body is tingling with excitement for next season. Is it September yet?

Oklahoma won the Sugar Bowl. I chose not to watch, due to the actions of a certain running back, who will not be named here. Personally, I feel Coach Stoops needs to fired, for allowing a player guilty of an inexcusable incident, only receive a slap on the wrist. images

The Tigers of LSU dominated Louisville, no Fournetting involved, with their D shutting down the well-deserved Heisman trophy winner, Lamar Jackson. Coach O looks right at home, and is convincing me, I need to plan a football weekend in Louisiana later this year. Don’t those unis just make your heart melt? They certainly make mine.

Clemson, oh my was I way off. I was really, off. I’m guilty of a little satisfaction every time tOSU finds a way to lose. I can’t help it, another team that doesn’t make my heart flutter. The Buckeyes looked buck… well, they were playing as if they were shirtless and shoeless. Blown play calls – check. A soft o-line that made QB JT Barrett look like he played for a Division two team, check. No defense – check. Leaving Coach Meyer to say, Ohio State isn’t used to this. Personally, I could get used to this.

Has the bar has been set to have a bowl game with a scoreless opponent? Remember a year ago? tOSU’s BIG10 counterpart Iowa was Beathard. I can’t help but giggle every time…

The Tide keeps rolling along, meaning Satan Saban won again. He was thrilled with the outcome… sabanThe 2016 National Championship game will be repeated next Monday. A Southern party at it’s finest. I’m counting on you Dabo, make this dynasty stop.

I’ll admit, it’s a little pleasure to see the well-known College Football programs, or if you prefer to use the words storied, distinguished, or greatest, back at the top.

Dear heart, I like an underdog. I’ve been an underdog all of my life. So was my alma mater when we beat Alabama in our undefeated season, I also happened to be a member of. I also enjoy being entertained, and the big programs when they are good, can entertain us well into the night.

The NFL regular season said goodbye on Sunday. As a fan of the team I’m a fan of the Jets, I’m glad to see it finally end. As a football addict, I was already setting the times in my phone for my upcoming wild weekend.

Let’s call it what it is, the Raiders Texans game won’t be a pleasure for anyone involved. After watching the Raiders Broncos, it’s obvious Carr had the juice and the carbon. I couldn’t watch past halftime.

Seattle will likely win, their D-line is winning them games lately, and with Miami’s starting QB Tannehill out, the Steelers will give them the Pitts.

The only game worth yours and my time watching, the Giants and Packers on Sunday. I’ve already told my friend, our brunch ends at 1 PM PST. I have an important thing I need to do after (hush now, no need to reveal our secret).


x|o FFF

Leaders of the PAC?

One thing that will make this honey rise n shine faster than 2 for 1 Loubi sale… PAC 12 MEDIA DAYS – oh the ecstasy. 

I’ve been attempting to preoccupy my brain while July, otherwise known as the month of my birth, and the worst non-football month of the year, passes us by … Bye!

I’ve been meticulously pouring over the annual Phil Steele of knowledge like it’s the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT all bundled into one. And my little life depends on knowing who plays MLB for Tennessee.

So these are the days where I can hear the season predictions from the Oracles of West Coast football, like it’s the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

Traditionally this little pre-season activity makes me made me happier than a Macallen 30 neat.

It was all for nothing… Kind of like that last-second play, USC forgot to play against ASU last season. *Hint start at the 13:55 mark.

Like that dear hearts…

While Rich-Rod is never a bore, and I adore Coach Leech’s dating philosophies, piñatas were being hit, punched and smashed, and Sarky made a little snarky, ‘duck you’ Oregon comment, I left with more uhhhhhs than ahhhhs.

Maybe it’s all that D, I’ve been getting. Yes that vitamin D that we Angelinos basque in for 11 months out of the year. Maybe it’s gotten into my silly little head. This felt like a disappointment.

Similar to that tinder date who you thought by their pic looks like a smoke show, only in real life is a solid 5.56789999, or a 6?

Just like that dear hearts.

Bring on the makers mark, let’s not waste the fine malts. I need to put on a pot of bourbon after this.

I certainly hope this is not the PAC’s expectation for the season. Let’s step it up a notch, ok Gents?


Knight vs Pickens 

No darlings, I’m not thowing out legal advice.

Pouring over my honey-to-do list of catching up on football news, ESPN discussed the word that college football was based on… Tradition.

Where is it going? Why aren’t recruits choosing The Fighting Irish anymore, or Big Blue or the Huskers?? Tradition!

Big Boring Football is all I hear.

Don’t get me wrong honey, Saturday’s waking up in the sunny Golden Triangle, I feel a little flutter when USC has a home game, and my mind begins humming the fight song.

Why yes I become excited to witness a man wearing his armor, riding his white horse -what woman doesn’t?- and the crowd at the Coliseum. Which resembles the actual Roman relic in more ways than one. Those stairs crumbling apart under your feet, gives it character. I view it as tradition in action.

I almost became a 12th woMan on the field one sunny LA afternoon, as one of those crumbly things gave away under my red sole, and I began tumbling straight toward the field. Thankfully my boyfriend at the time saved me.

Don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you dear Trojans fan.

I can hear it now…

“The Trojans defense is lined up, looks like a dime package with Shaw deep in the secondary. Here’s the snap and whoa… Whoa!! What?! Is that..?! who’s that tumbling onto the field? She just wiped out Huntley! and it’s a fumble! Touchdown! Hurry boys and line up to kick the extra point for the win, and the play isn’t reviewed!!”

I have fantasies too you know.

Back to that T word… University of Oregon Inc. was brought up. Their flashy uniforms, state of the art glass enclosed lockers with iPads installed, the hyperbaric chamber in the corner, and Uncle Phil up in his box calling a play or two.

Well there’s another uncle from the good old state of Oklahoma, who is a member of the Billionaire Boys Club like Uncle Phil…
If Uncle Phil bought his way to win, why hasn’t Uncle Pickens done the same for that other OSU?

What have you done for me lately Oklahoma State? I too lust for the nearly decade-ago priceless press conference quotables.

Their unis (oh silly, autocorrect NOT units) are slick. I enjoy a nice flat gray paired with undertones of black & burnt (non-Texas) orange.

They have played well in the new Big X… I just mandated those other two Roman numerals dropped until Commish Bowlsby can find two schools wanting to make the Big XII, XII again.

Why is this honey on a rant? How does this relate to tradition? Directly relates to why T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N in CFB is saying, ciao!

It’s a new shift, and as one who believes change is the only constant, I’m lapping it right up, like an 18 year Oban neat… yummy.

So why do you scratch your little head & say out loud, but Oregon paid to play!

Oh hush now.

It’s like Apple, Instagram, those snap twats… Someone did it better honey, get over it.

Money can buy you a good time, a few mail order brides pretty faces, fine cuts of meat, paired with decedent brown liquor, and shiny toys – like a bright red balding middle aged-man mobile.

Face the cold-blooded truth my darling, you envy after the Taco in the bar who can pull any honey he wants, although he’s couch surfting while finding weed seed money to fund his next venture, while eating bar nuts.

Some guys get it. All they do is win win win no matter what. Giving tradition the duck-face.
That’s what Oregon did.

Did they lure in top talent with those shiny lockers and slick unis? Absolutely
Did they convince some 17-year old who’s never been told the two letters, N-O he would start as QB? Yes

Did they likely tell Momma that her boy down south has a better chance of making it to the N.F.L. although he may not start for like two seasons? Uh-huh

Coffee’s for closers my dear hearts, and that’s why “I’mma man! I’m 40!” Isn’t so en fuego for the pretty young things, recruits.